Why doctor’s advice women to take Ambien in a lower dosage for their sleep problems?

The dosage of Ambien had been reduced as far as the US population is concerned. This was done by the US Food and Drug Association in the year 2013. Although not a very good news for the patients suffering from lack of sleep, the reduction of dosage was implemented due to several factors.

Why do people rely on Ambien?

People get easily addicted to consuming Ambien, especially when they suffer from sleep deficiencies. Ambien is supposed to be a sleep inducer and regular consumption of the medicine helps in having peaceful sleep and can reduce the stress in people. Research studies have suggested that regular usage of the drug is dangerous as it can cause depression and sadness as well. Doctors suggest that the drug should be administered in right doses failing which the patient shall suffer from serious diseases.

However, patients, who have used the medicine on a regular basis have claimed that there are no major implications.

Sanofi, the manufacturer of Ambien, had claimed all allegations to be false and had said that the drug was safe to be used by patients suffering from insomnia. The drug, however, needs to be used under restrictions, as this special category of drugs might aggravate certain medical conditions in the human body.

What kind of impact does Ambien have on women?

Ambien, after being used continuously, is claimed to have severe impacts on the human brain. The drug is known to have a direct impact on the brain and reflects that in terms of impaired driving in women. Men, when compared to women, have a smaller risk of being affected, although the impact can be easily felt in men as well.

What is the prescribed dosage of Ambien for women?

Since the drug is understood to be of a special category, Ambien dosage has been restricted. For women, the drug has been prescribed in limited doses such as 10 mg to 5 mg. In case the drug is required in increased doses, then the dosage should be restricted to 6.25 mg.
Ambien is a drug which contains Zolpidem. This ingredient is supposed to induce reduced mental alertness. Women are supposed to be highly susceptible to the consumption of the drug and increased consumption of the drug results in severe consumption.
Women take a longer time, in relieving themselves from the impact of the drug, as a result of which, doctors have a special caution for the fairer sex.

Ambien: Final verdict on the usage of drug on women

Ambien, a special category of drug is associated with impairment of motor skills of women besides, depression. The drug contains active ingredients which are harmful to a certain extent and can call for severe complications on continuous usage. Hence, this drug is advised to be purchased from exl pharmacy, an online pharmacy which can be trusted while placing your order to buy meds online. It is to be noted that Ambien drug should be taken under the strict supervision of medical practitioners and the dosage of administration is an important aspect, especially concerning drugs such as Ambien when it is used by women for a long term.